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“Sent Andrea” is the restaurant specialized in sea-food and fish dishes, famous for its distinctive offer of fresh Adriatic fish supplied daily and directly from fishermen’s nets. This unique offer is coupled with a prestigious location on Danube’s bank with elegant shoreside setting, while an artful choice of wines and excellent service bear witness to the restaurant’s 30 years old tradition and experience.

The place that boasts warm Mediterranean hospitality and atmosphere with acoustic guitar tunes, along with delicious sea-food flavours and quality wines, evokes the time when restaurants used to be a soulful oasis of joy for food lovers, where the gastronomic delights were shared and enjoyed in good company.


“Sent Andrea” is the favourite place for seafood lovers, attracted by its rich, daily fresh catches from Adriatic Sea and by well-known chefs specialized in seafood specialties. True connoisseurs can clearly recognize the quality of genuine Adriatic fishing as well as the authentic, fine flavours enriched by freshness and skilful preparation.